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State Licensing Requirements
Common Requirements
Annual Renewal
Advance Change Notice
Electronic Surety Bond
Financial Statements
Professional Standards
Mortgage Call Report
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Money Services Businesses Call Report
Uniform Authorized Agent Reporting
Resources & Support
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Quick Guides - Individual
Report Samples
NMLS Call Center Information
Account Administration
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Renewals for Mortgage Companies
NMLS Expanded Industries
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Quick Guides are 1-2 pages long and designed to help users with a very particular task. For quick guides specific to companies, reference the Company Quick Guides page.

Form Filing

Instructions for individuals creating an Individual (MU4) Form filing to submit to a regulator.
Provides individuals with instructions and guidelines for completing and attesting to their Individual (MU2) Form.
Instructions with screen shots for individuals submitting an MU4 Filing to a regulator.
Instructions for completing the criminal background check process as an MU2 individual.
Instruction for MU2 Individuals (control persons) that need to submit a credit report through NMLS.
Process for changing your employer in NMLS.
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Instructions for uploading documents to the Individual (MU2/MU4) Forms.
How to provide explanations to "yes" or "no" responses, amend or delete existing explanations to disclosure questions.
Guidance regarding the types of documents regulators generally expect individuals to upload as part of a disclosure explanation on an Individual Form.
Walks the MLO through credit report submission, when the MLO, and not their company, will be paying for the submission.
How individuals attest that their Individual (MU2/MU4) Form is up to date and accurate.
How to make amendments to your Individual (MU4) Form.
How to review license status and deficiencies.
Instructions to surrender or withdraw an individual's license through NMLS.
This guide will walk you through the steps you must take in order to sign a Surety Bond or Bond Rider.

Access, Relationships & Sponsorships

How individuals create an account in NMLS and receive their unique identifying number.
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Instructions for granting a company access to your NMLS record.
Instructions for removing Company Access and Ending an active Company Relationship with a company in NMLS.
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Account Administration

Provides instruction to log in and use the self-help features for users that forget a username or password.
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Instructions for keeping your account up to date in NMLS.
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Defines the features of the Individual Dashboard, describing destinations for all hyperlinks.
Demonstrates the features of the Individual Dashboard and identifies the destinations for each hyperlink.
Mandible Head Headless Prop Chinless Warrior Part Halloween Mask Body This document includes a chart defining each license status and suggested next steps.

Professional Standards

Instructions for submitting a CBC after the first prints have been returned as illegible.
Instructions for completing the criminal background check process as an MLO.
Instructions to check the status of a criminal background check.
Chinless Head Headless Mandible Warrior Prop Part Halloween Mask Body Instructions on how to view testing information, including official test scores and open test enrollment windows.
Individuals enrolling in the S.A.F.E. National Test.
How individuals enroll in NMLS approved courses.
Instructions on how to view education compliance through the Education Record in NMLS.


Provides information on the various payment methods inside NMLS (credit card & ACH) as well as failed payments.
How to submit payment for an unpaid invoice or for an invoice in which the payment has failed.
Provides the steps to submit payment to NMLS using ACH.


Guides the individual licensee through the process of submitting licenses for renewal. Includes instructions on how to view the status of submitted renewals.
Demonstrates how to attest and pay for your license renewal.
Provides instructions for an individual to attest to their renewal to allow their company to pay for and submit the individual renewal request.
Demonstrates how to attest to your license renewal so that the sponsoring company can submit and pay for the renewal.
Provides instructions for an indivdiual to indicate to their regulator that they do not wish to renew a license in NMLS.
Demonstrates how to indicate that you do not want to renew your license for the next calendar year.
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Provides instructions for MLOs preparing for the renewal period.

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